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The Castle of Crossed Destinies Opera

Tête à Tête’s Festival 2021 (London, U.K.)
produced by mg2 Opera group
September 17th 2021 virtual release

The Castle of Crossed Destinies, namely the world being read backwards.
Spanning the Baroque era to the distant future, and combining animation with live performance, this adaptation of Calvino’s novel shows us knights in Times Square, legendary alchemists, and invisible kings. Using symbolic imagery, tarot cards, and music which travels through the centuries by tailoring old musical forms to a new compositional language, this opera immerses the audience in a unique sung history where everything is connected, perhaps even the destiny of the audience itself.

Music: Matteo Fania
Libretto: Giovanni Privitera
Artistic Directors: Matteo Fania and Giovanni Privitera
Film and Photo Director: Matteo Fania
Stop Motion, 2D digital animation and shadow theatre: Matteo Privitera and Alice Cicaloni.
The Storyteller: Iván Barbeitos (baritone)
Cello: Clara Rivière
Flute, Alto Flute and Piccolo: Rocío de Mingo Salcedo
Clarinet in Bb and Bass Clarinet: Diana Gómez

UNDA Cellotrónica album

Previous Performances

“Los Silenciados” –  Ensemble Oihua

Closing act of the exposition “80th anniversary of the Spanish republican exile”
Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana
(Complejo de Nuevos Ministerios)
29 February, 2020 – 19:00
Paseo de la Castellana, 67, Madrid

Klanktheater performs at MicroSound (MicroTeatro Madrid)

Clara Rivière, cello & Yvonne Freckmann, composition/narration
December 17 & 30, 2019, ongoing shows from 20:00
MicroTeatro Madrid – Calle Loreto y Chicote 9

Filarmonia Madrid “La mejor música de Star Wars”

7 December, 2019 – 19:30
Auditorio Nacional (Sala Sinfónica), Madrid

Ensemble Oihua “Los Silenciados”

13 November, 2019 – 20:00
Theater Palacio de la Audiencia, Soria

UNDA Cellotrónica Concert

Cello & electronics
featuring Clara Rivière, cello & Yvonne Freckmann, composer
Culmination of a four-year collaboration
28 April, 2019, 19:30
Ruth Taylor Recital Hall, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

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