Current ensembles

Klanktheater formed during an artistic residency in Werkplaats K, the Netherlands in 2017. It is a multi-disciplinary group dedicated to experimentation with fresh ideas and living at the intersection of music, theater and multimedia performances. Together with composer Yvonne Freckmann, Clara Rivière will release her first album of cello and electronic works, UNDA Cellotronica.

Ensemble Oihua formed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a contemporary ensemble with Saskia Venegas as founder and artistic director. This group’s newest project dedicated to silenced composers during the Spanish civil war, performed in a festival on November 13, 2019 in Soria, Spain, a festival dedicated to memorialize history and advocate for human rights (13er Festival de la Memoria Histórica y de los Derechos Humanos Giulia Tamayo).

Ensemble Oihua takes a bow after the "Los Silenciados" concert commemorating silenced composers during the Spanish Civil War.
Ensemble Oihua takes a bow after the “Los Silenciados” concert commemorating silenced composers during the Spanish Civil War.

Former ensembles

Going down memory lane to highlight ensembles I played with in the past.

Dáviro piano trio dedicated to classical and romantic repertoire was originally Lieke Daniels, violin, Clara Rivière, cello and Guillermo Quintero Rojas, piano, based in the Netherlands. This international trio now has a new cellist named Chiung-Yin Huang.

Zvov has gone through several evolutions since its founding in 2014 as Zvuv. Current members are composer-violist Maya Felixbrodt and bassist Shaya Feldman. Currently Zvov is active mainly in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Israel, and have performed, given workshops, and premiered pieces in other countries such as Denmark as well. Past members part of Zvov’s storied history are myself, Cornelia Zambila, Camille Verhaak, and Erica Bordon. To find out about the Zvov Sensory project, click on Sensory.

Goedlaak is a composer collective based in Den Haag.  I was the cellist in the group of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist composers.  We presented our season opening concert in September 2014, titled “Zoom In” in the Laak Theater in Den Haag.