UNDA Cellotronica

The inspiration for this project is how the voice of the cello may be enriched by the manifold options the electroacoustic world can bring. For Yvonne Freckmann, composing is the ideal way to explore ideas and sounds to engage the mind. For cellist Clara Rivière inspiration comes through experimentation with fresh ideas and living at the intersection of music, theater and multimedia performances. Together they form part of the group Klanktheater, dedicated to exactly their strengths.

UNDA Cellotronica is the result of the four-year exploration of melding a classical modern cello sound with pre-recorded sounds that range from trains, to birds, to recordings of the cello itself. The album UNDA (in Latin, waves), is a compilation of the five exciting works. We hope to present this project in upcoming concerts around the world.

Two additional collaborators join the team as marketing managers, and to round out the project, painter/graphic designer Karin Veldkamp designs the album art.

Excerpts of the album’s closing track “Karin’s Colors”

Excerpt of Cinco Letras, graphic score for cello and electronics* new on this album!

Excerpt of “The White Woods” piece featuring the cellist as a performer/actrice and the composer as narrator.

Track List

1. Cinco Letras
2. Train III
3. Der Weiße Wald
4. Sentinels
5. Karin’s Colors

UNDA Cellotronica

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